Thursday, June 30, 2022

Hilton Head Island: walked

After completing my duties as live in housekeeper, making the condo immaculate before the arrival late this afternoon of the primary shareholder, I went for what has become my routine walk, through our grounds, out to the end of the condo’s pier, which you see above, through the grounds of Civil War Fort Mitchell to observe the construction progress of The Charles, the condo regrettably replacing what was the best restaurant on the island, The Old Fort Pub, then down to the marina’s pier, and back home.  In all a mile and a quarter, mostly in shade.

The condo pier is not for launching boats.  It ends in a platform with rocking chairs and benches for residents to be out in Skull Creek. The platform is rectangular, not scalloped as appears in the panorama shot on my iPhone 12 Pro.  As you can see the despised ferry boat is still in the marina.  I have been told repeatedly that it is due to be towed away any day, but any day never comes, so I’ve stopped asking.

These three were taken from the marina’s pier.  Spartina for Steve Earley, though I confess I like it too, and a Great Egret.  There are two species of egrets here.  Great and Snowy.  Yellow beak and black feet:  Great.  Black beak and yellow feet:  Snowy.

Carol will be here until July 11.  I will fly back to Chicago with her and return to Hilton Head Island around Labor Day.  I wouldn’t want to miss the height of the hurricane season.

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Sean K. said...

I was disappointed to hear the Old Fort Pub is closed. My grandparents retired to Hilton Head (Sea Pines) and it was one of their favorite places. They would often take us there when we visited. The food was great and the view even better!