Thursday, June 16, 2022

Hilton Head Island: evening


I am on the screened porch, which with the ceiling fan is comfortable, sipping Laphroaig and listening to music—at the moment Gurrumul, of whom I have written here several times.  He died relatively young, had a limited range of voice and expression, but what he had was original and pure and beautiful and should not be forgotten, but I expect will be.

The time is about the same as last evening’s monochrome, but this evening there is as you can see color.  I am enchanted by the change of light in the sky and on Skull Creek, by the rising and ebbing of the tides through the spartina, and by the trees.  They are the foreground.  Often one looks beyond them.  Some are almost in arm’s reach from our deck.

Live oaks live hundreds of years and possess impressive will to survive—though can trees have will?  One out there has at least five trunks rising from the ground.  Another has spread sideways ten feet and planted itself a second time.  And there are the smaller palms.

I glance up and the light has changed again.  My phone does not capture the subtle colors accurately and neither does my edited version, but it is the best I can do.

There is a bird in the trees making a loud three part call.  I wonder what he is saying.


Timothy Hazlett said...

I remember that view. The colors of the sky are stunning. I would never get tired of that view.

Shawn Stanley said...

For a 10mm thick phone, the pictures are very impressive..this is definitely an area where iProducts excel. I am a Samsung guy myself and I use my phone(s) until they are too slow to run what I need, or I break them. I am currently on a Galaxy S9 and it still does everything I need, but the cameras indeed seem to get better with each generation. 20 years ago, who thought we'd all be carrying HD video cameras and the internet around in our pockets!!?? We live in technologically interesting times, but it is nice to get on the boat and get away from all the tech for a bit too!

Flick said...

The bird is likely 'saying' one of two things:
a) "Hey, all! I have a nice domicile nearby for any fertile young chick that's interested" or,
b) "Keep outta my territory you rapacious rapscallions!"

Webb said...

That is my conclusion as well.
Life really is simple, yet we make it so complex.

Canoe Sailor said...

I read your posts in batches when I have time and always enjoy them. I can clearly see how a bottle of the good stuff good disappear in three days given your conditions. I too have noted that colorful sunsets add to the evaporation caused by climate change.