Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Hilton Head Island: ready

The GRIB, the Windy app, Dark Sky, and the Savannah NBC television forecaster are now pretty much in agreement that the wind will be light tomorrow morning, increase to double digits in the afternoon and be good on Thursday, reaching near 20 knots around midnight, be lighter again Friday.  Of these, I have the most confidence in LuckGrib.  So unless I find a change tomorrow morning, I will go sailing, heading offshore on a reach.  I will probably turn around sometime Thursday, but the timing is not certain.

I biked down to GANNET this morning and fit the Evo.  This was the easiest mounting on the transom yet.  The battery locked in place on my second attempt.  Turning the motor sideways so that it is parallel to the transom which reduces the distance I have to reach out makes a significant difference.

The battery shows 82% charge.  The Evo manual states that unattended the charge will drop to 70% in twenty days.  I do not know if it will continue to drop beyond twenty days.  My experience with Torqeedo batteries is that unattended they remain at 100% for months.

I also filled water containers and rearranged the interior into semi-passage mode.  Only semi because I did not tie everything down stowed on the v-berth, only the freeze dry meal bag that blocks the oval in the main bulkhead so that nothing can fall into the Great Cabin.

Although the temperature was only in the low 80sF, my modest labors resulted in profuse sweat. This place is not paradise again until probably mid-September.

As I biked home it began to rain.  To me, already saturated, the rain was refreshing.

This is a two-fold experiment.  To see if I can get the Evo to hydrocharge and to see if this kind of sailing, maybe stretched out to a few weeks, can be enough for me.  

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