Saturday, June 18, 2022

Hilton Head Island: an exchange

This is found in comments to the last post, but because many may not read the comments and I believe the exchange is significant, I post it here.


ZMK said...

What an awesome response, Webb.

We have a saying for 'Anonymous' trolls down under: "Neville Nobody'.
Never done anything, never going to, and have nothing better to do than troll those whom they are actually deeply envious of. Basically a pathetic person, and "Anonymous' fits that description to a T.

I too join you in advising 'Anonymous' to fuck off.

Auckland, N.Z

David said...

As one of the lucky few to have known you personally and consider you a dear friend, one of many things I admire about you Webb is your refusal to bow to the demand made on you to be falsely modest. You are too modest in my opinion, but when you point out certain achievements of yours, others cant stand it.

You remain an inspiration and I join with Zane and endorse your and his advice to the troll.

Your Five year plan will be another triumph I am sure, and I am intrigued.

Sean K. said...

An excellent response . . . well said Webb!

Unknown said...

you made me laugh and expressed what many think but never say.

Phil said...

I read it carefully word for word and enjoyed it immensely. I was so focused on not reading too far a head and when I got to your last words, I literally laughed out loud. Or as the kids say, lol. Outstanding Webb.

Justin said...

*bada bing, bada boom!*

Bravo, Webb.

tatali0n said...

Hi Webb. I think that's the first time I've ever seen you type fuck off. And it made me chuckle, as it was such an appropriate application.

That said, don't feed the trolls!

Larry S said...

Larry L said

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Webb said...

I was thinking this morning that I don’t ever recall using the f-word in print before. Probably won’t again.

Guy said...

An admirable retort...

Flick said...

Without even getting into the whole "equals" thing, my initial take was this:

It's Webb's blog. He shares as & what he pleases.
No one is forced to cheer, to agree, or even to read.
You don't like? Don't show up.