Saturday, April 2, 2016

Opua: we get mail

        I just received the following, sent by ‘’  
        I don’t know who or what ‘Mk.By.’ is.  A copy was sent to

This person has been brought to my attention, and typical of the emergence of gratuitous bullying by the "irresponsible", it falls to engineers to stand up and spread the word to all from industry professionals to truth-telling anarchists. Innovative risk-taking manufacturers should not be extorted into babysitting idiots trained by box stores.

Chiles declares pride in being beastly as "achievement" - dehydrating women, words, and marine assets in a boiling pot of alcoholic mega-narcissism, playing chicken with himself to funeral music. There is more in an hour of a kid's joy on an Optimist than the lot of this man's self-destructions. Certainly ignore his >50% Laphroaig cerebral-infarctions.

Your latest panels are brilliant, and connection science offers manufacturers like us real versatility. Thank you for delivering sailing to the future.

        My reply:

This is called an ad hominem argument.

Do you dispute that 3 of 6 panels failed?  Do you consider this an acceptable rate of failure? 

Dehydrating women?