Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Opua: cheaters

        Sailing Anarchy ran an item about an Amazon single, COMEBACK:  How Larry Ellison’s Team Won The America’s Cup.
        I bought and read it.  
        COMEBACK is only 70 pages long, over-priced at $2.99.  For that you could buy one of my books and get great literature.  However, I don’t begrudge the author his royalties.  I got my money’s worth.
        The book is somewhat fawning and sycophantic.  I suppose that is inevitable.  Otherwise the author could not have gained access.
       The answer to the question posed in the subtitle is simple:  they cheated.  Knowingly.  They couldn’t win without cheating, so they cheated.
        It is a great success story.  A triumph of the human spirit.
        Or perhaps not.