Saturday, September 8, 2018

Skull Creek: two questions

        Mostly cloudy this morning, which along with a pleasant breeze blowing into the companionway kept the temperature down.
        I scrubbed mold.  I am almost out of New Zealand’s excellent Exit Mold and will have to find an American equivalent.
        I also removed everything from the starboard pipe berth, slithered aft and confirmed that I have two more bags of thirty freeze dry meals each.
        In replacing the dinghy, two food bags, one set of foul weather gear, I decided to discard an old pair of boat shoes and move a spare set of sea boots to the dock box.  One pair on board is enough.
        GANNET is all dressed up with no where to go.
        This morning’s GRIB raises the question:  Is GANNET a hurricane magnet?
        You may recall that just over a year ago she was in Marathon for Hurricane Irma.  Now in Skull Creek she may be attracting Florence.  There is a good analysis of Florence at Tropical Tidbits.
        My hurricane plan is already in place.  If Florence nears, I only have to lower the jib, tie lines around the mainsail which being fully battened is an ordeal to remove and too big to stow below anyway.  Double my dock lines and maybe those of my neighbor.  I have water and food for more than a month and GANNET is solar powered.  If she survives, I do.  If she doesn’t, I probably don’t.  I’m not evacuating.
        The other question:  Is it possible than I can’t sail 600 miles in a month?  The answer to that one is an unexpected and unfortunate ‘yes.’  I may be taking the train north.