Saturday, September 15, 2018

Skull Creek: 20 knots of wind and a madman

        We had 10 to 20 knots of wind last night and a madman.
        The wind was blowing us away from the side dock, which is good, and didn’t bounce GANNET around much.
        The madman, who may have been profoundly drunk or on drugs, ranted all night long.  He woke me at 2 a.m.  I couldn’t figure out exactly where he was, but fortunately it was not in GANNET’s immediate vicinity.  The rant was continuous and profane, as though he was arguing with someone who never interrupted.  Eventually I closed the hatches and turned on the battery fan near my head which drowned him out.
        This morning the rant continued and I located the source as a short, 50ish man with a wild beard and hair pushing a bicycle on the next finger to the north of GANNET.  I don’t know if he came off a boat or just wandered into the marina, though I expect the latter.  The marina ramp gate is never closed on the premise that this entire community has 24/7 security at the only two gates in.
        I found earplugs that I have occasionally used in other noisy marinas, so I’ll be ready for him tonight, in the I hope unlikely event he is still around.
        The marina office is closed and the windows covered in plywood.  I don’t think that is probably going to prove necessary, but it is best to prepare.
        There is a small craft advisory for these waters until noon Monday.
        I am day to day for departure.