Thursday, September 6, 2018

Skull Creek: afloat

        Carol drove to visit her family near Charlotte, NC, this morning and I moved on board GANNET.  It is wonderful to be on the water again.
        Even now at 5:00 p.m. the Great Cabin is hot, 94ºF/35ºC, but with a battery fan and a slight breeze blowing through the hatches, it is tolerable, and as soon as I finish this I am going to pour some of the gin you see behind me into a plastic with a slice of lime and some tonic and go on deck with an air temperature drink and listen to music, at the moment  Ólafur Arnalds THE CHOPIN PROJECT 
        I rearranged and stowed much of the other stuff you see behind me.
        After dark I will check the nav lights and tomorrow morning before it gets too hot I’ll test the tiller pilots and the Torqeedo.  I’ve already found the wind instruments and depthfinder to be working.
        I need to scrub some mold, not a lot, off the overhead and the insides of the hull.  I regret that the condo debacle prevented me from taking everything off GANNET and repainting the interior this year.  I’m sure I would  have found a good deal that did not need to be put back on board.
         Mysteriously all but one of my LuminAid lights have vanished.  Do these things go walkabout?  This has happened before, only for me to find them fallen behind something months later.  They are not expensive.  I went online and ordered three replacements from Amazon with free one day delivery, so I should have them tomorrow.
        Other than that, GANNET is as I remembered and expected.
        I believe you only really know a boat by living on board.  You see and notice so much just sitting and glancing around.
        I’m a happy Sea Rat.