Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bluffton: wayward Florence

        I have been using the LuckGrib app to download GRIBs twice a day, morning and evening.  The comforting trend has been to show Florence turning north an ever increasing distance from the coast.  I went to sleep last night thinking that I might Torqeedo GANNET from her slip Friday afternoon and anchor overnight on Port Royal Sound where I could easily remove and stow the Torqeedo and sail off the anchor Saturday morning.   The GRIBs and other apps showed very light wind Saturday and Sunday, less than five knots, and I thought that I likely would have too little wind rather than too much and a slow passage north.
        Things changed overnight.
        To my dismay this morning’s GRIB is above and here is a screen shot from Windy.  Even worse.

        Not what I want to see.
        This may not happen, but I’m not going anywhere until Florence’s track becomes more certain.