Friday, September 28, 2018

Saint Michaels: a fine day and place; a new video

        A lovely day here after a couple of rainy ones.  Cool enough for an hour or two after dawn that I dug out a fleece.  First time I have wanted more than a tee-shirt in months.
        I had to move GANNET because a wedding reception is being held near where she was.  They set up tents.  I don’t get expensive weddings or funerals.
        I walked around town today and had an ice cream cone.  Also tested the video equipment in the room where I am due to speak next Tuesday and Saturday.  More testing Monday.
        I have uploaded a video taken the first day out of Hilton Head.  It took hours to upload.  I have four more.  Perhaps I’ll try to upload another over night.

        About to go on deck for my evening ritual.  
        An article in the NY TIMES this morning about Yo-Yo Ma trying to save the world with Bach caused me to buy his third and most recent recording of the Bach Cello Suites.
        I have other recordings by Casals and Starker.  
        There is no such thing as too much Bach.
        I listened to the first three this morning.
        The last three are coming up in a few minutes.