Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Hilton Head Island: a discrepancy and a quote

Carol flies back to Chicago tomorrow and I have been looking at the weather to determine when to go sailing to test the Evo’s hydrochaging.

Here is what is forecast by this morning’s GRIB for a point just off Hilton Head this coming Sunday at 0400 EDT.

Here is what is shown in the Windy app for Sunday at the same time.

Presumably clarification will come with time.

From my friend Jay, who will sail his Olsen 34, SHOE STRING, tomorrow evening for the first time in more than a year after a dismasting necessitating a complicated recovery for which I commend him, comes this quote for which I thank him.

"There are very few accomplishments of any value that can be gained without practice, and that which takes the least time to learn is usually the least valuable when learned." -The Eagle Bicycle Co. catalog 1890 

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Anonymous said...

The forecast charts are quite a contrast to each other. In April, I sailed from Palm Beach, Florida to Wilmington, North Carolina. As a life long California, South Pacific Ocean sailor I was stunned by how rapidly the weather and wind changes on the east coast, with the wind often clocking all the way around the compass in 24 hours.
S/V Free Spirit
Ranger 23
Los Angeles, California