Sunday, May 1, 2022

St. Marys, Georgia: antifouled

GANNET came out of the water at 11 a.m. yesterday morning.  The yard crew were friendly and helpful and unique in my experience some of them work seven days a week.  Perhaps only being able to haul at high tide necessitates that.

I got the first coat of antifouling on early that afternoon.  It took just under two hours.  Another of the many virtues of small boats.

Andy, who keeps his boat here, and his friend, Louise, took me to dinner last evening.  The shrimp and grits and company were excellent.

I slept well last night.  63 when I woke at 7.  The screens kept the bugs out.

I applied the second coat of antifouling this morning despite an inconsiderate fool parking his car late last night directly under GANNET’s bow.  I started painting from the stern at 8:30.  When an later he still hadn’t appeared I continued carefully to the bow.  It would have severed him right if I had splattered his car with Pettit Vivid White, but I didn’t.

A few minutes ago Rocky, the boat yard owner and the travel lift operator, knocked on the hull to tell me that he will lift GANNET into the slings around 2 pm so I can paint the areas covered by the cradle.  That is assuming the car you see in the above photo, which is not the one that was there this morning, is moved.

I have just spent a half hour playing cabin tetris—with a nod to Kent and Audrey who play boat tetris with their Armada—transforming utter chaos into a mode where I can sleep tonight and sail tomorrow.  Everything was out and not in its right place.  Parts of two outboards.  Anchor and rode.  Food.  Painting supplies.  Even a pack of chocolate brownies.  Order has been reimposed.

We are due to go back in the water tomorrow morning.  I have charged both Torqeedo batteries to 100% and we will have the tide with us tomorrow instead of against us, but still I will be glad when we reach the St. Marys River and I can sail.

South wind is forecast through Thursday.  I may have a pleasant sail home.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate brownies: stored, or otherwise "taken care of"?

Webb said...

Number diminished. Package within easy reach.

kaimusailing said...

Ahoy Cap'n Webb,
Louise says, "He seems like such a normal guy until he starts talking about his adventures." You bring a nice dinner discussion to us and then sail off, and miss Pizza Night.
I am very glad to meet you and help you. I like to crew. I also like to sail in a way that I can't take anyone else along.
Wish you well in your very pleasant abode. The loner who is very able with others.

Grizz said...

Loved the malaprop and imagery created by “…would have SEVERED him right…”.
Better yet, if you had channeled your inner Jackson Pollack and splattered away!