Friday, October 26, 2018

Skull Creek: last evening

        This is today's second post.
        A cold front went through last night and this morning with some rain, but less than I expected.
        My messenger bag and travel vest are packed.  My boarding passes in my phone.  I am ready to go.
        I like it here on the water.  I like being on GANNET.   A pleasant breeze is blowing though the forward hatch and keeping the no-seeuns at bay.  But I also like being with Carol.
        She has been in San Francisco on business and expected to remain there over the weekend because of a meeting scheduled for Monday morning.  It has been cancelled so she is flying back to Chicago tomorrow as well.  Our flights are due to land five minutes apart in the late afternoon, so I will be able to ride home with her in her company provided limousine.
        My employer does not provide limousines.  Or health care.  Or a retirement program.  Or even a salary. 
        Sometimes I wonder why I work for him.  
        It may be because no one else would hire me.