Friday, October 12, 2018

Little Choptank River: tomorrow

        3:45 PM  The wind has finally decreased to 10-11 knots with no 20 knot gusts for the past half hour, but there are only about two hours of daylight left and it will take me one of those to get to the river mouth, so I am going to wait until tomorrow morning.
        A sunny day, but the north wind is cold.  I am wearing Levis, two shirts and socks.  Tonight’s low will be in the 50ties.  I will sleep in the lightweight sleeping bag and use the heavier one as a blanket.
        I brought in 60’ of rode and now have out 90’ which is more than enough in 10’-12’ of water and moderate wind.  
        I also removed the line securing the clew of the jib and the shock cords holding halyards away from the mast.
        No boats working the river today.