Sunday, October 21, 2018

Skull Creek: a fine day

        A pleasant evening.  Waxing gibbous moon over Hilton Head Island.  Fading gold and peach over Pickney Island.  Skull Creek pale rose.  And cool.  Blessedly cool.
        I arrived with a cold front that has dropped temperatures into the 60s, 50s at night.  The wind this morning was cold from the north and still gusting into the low 20s.  I had to change from shorts to Levis and wear a fleece pullover.
        It took me longer than usual to reconfigure the Great Cabin from semi-passage mode to harbor mode this morning because I inventoried food and clothes,  It is my habit to transfer harbor clothes when they get stained or frayed to the passage clothes bag,  I discovered I had ten passage shorts on board.  Far too many.  I took pleasure in throwing some out.
        It was fine to work without sweat pouring down my face.  
        Then I hauled my laundry up to the stalled disaster condo, where the washer and dryer work.  
        While the clothes were drying, I biked to a restaurant a mile away.  I wanted something fresh and had an excellent salad and catfish, both provided inexpensively in portions large enough to feed two.  Or maybe ten.  I also had a margarita on the rocks.
        I will be here at least the rest of this week.  I have work I want to do on GANNET now rather than when I return in January.  And I like being here, on the water, on GANNET, if not in the disappointing condo.  I am becoming familiar with Skull Creek and Port Royal Sound.  They might become my home waters or I might sail away next January and never return.