Thursday, October 11, 2018

Little Choptank River: final preparations

        5:40 PM.  I was sitting on deck until a few minutes ago, sipping a tequila and tonic and listening to music, but have been driven below by rain.
        I tied a line around the clew of the jib so it can’t unfurl.
        I put shock cords on the halyards in an attempt to prevent them rattling against the mast.
        And I let out 30’ more feet of rode.  While I prefer to anchor on all chain, one of the advantages of mostly line rodes is that line is so easy to bring back in that I do not hesitate to let out more.  GANNET’s rode is 20’ of ¼” chain and 200’ of plaited nylon line, which I think has a breaking strength of 6000 pounds, enough to lift the little boat three times.  
        What was Hurricane Michael is due to pass 80 or 90 miles south around midnight.  That will be low tide, when GANNET will be in 10’ of water with 15-1 scope.  Being ultralight and with minimal windage she is easy on anchors.
        The latest GRIB indicates we may have only 35-40 knot wind.
        I like, perhaps even love, being on the water with a minimal membrane between me and the elements.  Tonight may test that some, but I don’t expect seriously.
        The rain has increased and is pounding hard on the deck.
        I finished my tequila and tonic and just poured one for my friend Michael who has developed an MRSA infection.  I had to google to learn what that is.  I am not under the delusion that life is just.  So I am going to drink his drink for and to him.
        Prevail against injustice, Michael.