Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Evanston: A Horrible Scene at Sea; adjusted

        Tim, of marathon running in the morning and  playing violin in a symphony orchestra that evening fame, also likes to read old newspaper archives and sent me this article from the Saint Genevieve, Missouri, FAIR PLAY, dated October 24, 1872.  If you click on the images to enlarge them, I believe you will be able to read it.  I wonder why the crew were unable to jury rig something and reach land.  I certainly would have tried.

        Tim, who lives near Kansas City, Missouri, also noted that the fall leaves are more colorful this year than usual.  That is true here as well.  The photo is of one of the two trees in front of our condo.


        As I have noted before, it takes me a while to make the transition between the disparate parts of my life.  I am now adapted to being in Evanston.  I resumed my workouts on Monday.  After not doing them for a few months, in this case two, I always wonder if I can still do my age in push-ups.  I can.  In fact I did 80 in the first set, which will carry me to November 10, 2022.
        I walked down to the lake yesterday in a blizzard of falling leaves.  Most are still on the trees, but won’t be much longer.  That process of thousands of tons of leaves being recreated each spring and lost each fall is stunning.
        I’m catching up on the AMC series, Better Call Saul.
        I have been considering what I need to buy before sailing for Panama in January and have decided to wait and order it just before I fly to Hilton Head and have it delivered there rather than buy stuff now and have to check a bag on the flight.  There is not a lot.  I have found that CampMor no longer carries Mountain House freeze dry meals, which is my favorite American brand, so I will have to buy them elsewhere.
        And this morning I started writing an article about the sail to Saint Michaels.  I had not planned to write about that, but the material is there and I certainly have the time.