Saturday, December 9, 2017

Evanston: one

       That GANNET’s transom is a face was first observed from a photo taken as she was towed several years ago from  North Point Harbor on her way to San Diego and the open ocean.
       After viewing the photo above posted yesterday, Larry observed that just as I have one good eye, so does GANNET.  The little boat and I are truly one.  
       If her face is facing aft, her bad eye is her left.  Mine is my right.  Together we have normal vision.
       GANNET’s mouth is the exit from the cockpit drains.
        The square above her mouth is for the Moore 24 outboard bracket.
        I assume her port eye was for a man overboard pole required by racing rules.  
        I have no idea of the purpose of her blind starboard eye.  There is nothing inside the hull from that circular vent.