Sunday, April 12, 2015

Opua: The Jester Medal; incoming

        Although one could reasonably conclude from a recent entry that I have no modesty, I have hesitated to post a photo of the Jester Medal as being immodest.  However, several readers have asked about the medal, so here it is.
        The medal is large, about three inches/7.62 centimeters in diameter and satisfyingly heavy.  
        The gold ribbon is not attached to the medal, but part of the presentation case.
        Some of you will recall that I am not romantic about boats, but I accepted the medal on behalf of both GANNET and myself, and I believe her name deserves to be on it as well as my own.


        I rowed ashore earlier this morning to shower and buy a few things at the general store because we have a gale warning.  I don’t expect gale force winds in Opua, but they may occur in more exposed waters along the coast.
        The morning thus far has been sunny and pleasant, so I checked the rain radar on the excellent New Zealand Met. Service site and found this:

        From Wednesday on the forecast is good and I expect to sail somewhere for a few days.