Thursday, February 8, 2024

Hilton Head Island: Steve Earley’s winter cruise and a cup of coffee

I have been remiss in not mentioning that Steve is now on his fourth annual winter cruise.  He launched SPARTINA yesterday in Charleston and is making good progress today.  The last time I checked he was moving at five knots.  I expect he will be reach Hilton Head Island in time to watch the Taylor Swift Bowl.  I also expect the telecast to have a divided screen with the main picture coming from a camera permanently fixed on Ms. Swift and the game itself in a small image in one lower corner.

You can follow Steve at his tracking page:

and his website:

You can follow Taylor Swift everywhere.

I may be the only person on the planet who has never heard her sing.

I also forgot to mention yesterday that my breakfast includes a cup of black coffee.  No sugar.  So it adds nothing to my diet except liquid.  

Of liquid, I have mentioned this before but it might be of interest to some.  There is a general rule of ½ gallon of fresh water per person per day on a passage.  I found repeatedly during GANNET’s circumnavigation that I used just over ⅓ of a gallon a day.  .37 to be exact.

Also of liquid.  It is Thursday.  I get a real drink this evening.  Actually two.

To life.


Shawn Stanley said...

Nice, Webb. I just got my SAIL magazine which has a full spread of Spartina. I am watching his journey. I don't care about Taylor either, but I did take advantage of the Super Bowl sales and upgraded a TV for the SwiftieBowl.

Shawn Stanley said...

Go Steve! If you get SAIL magazine, he has a full page spread in the most recent issue.

Anonymous said...

"Trail mix" is a fairly broad term. What kind do you use and what is in it?

Webb said...

In the United States I usually eat POWER UP MEGA OMEGA TRAI L MIX and POWER UP PROTEIN PACKED TRAIL MIX, both bought from Amazon. I mix them together. In other parts of the world I buy whatever I can. And almost anywhere in the world you can buy peanuts and raisins. I do not know that it makes much difference.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like some particularly good trail mix!