Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hilton Head Island: shot again; COVID deaths; freeze dry food; shadows

I received my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday.  I have had no reaction other than a slightly sore arm.  I know several people who had no reaction to the first shot, but felt quite ill the second day after receiving the second shot.  I googled and learned that the second shot of both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines are identical to the first.  For me the worst part was having to stand in a long line that shuffled forward slowly for an hour.  I don’t recall the last time I stood in such a line.

You may have seen that the CDC has reported provisional death statistics for 2020 and COVID was the third leading cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease and cancer.

About 3.3 million people died in the U.S. last year, or 1% of the total population.  The number of deaths from COVID were about 378,000, or 0.1% of the total population.  Please correct me if I have my numbers wrong, as I have had before.

Some have asked what freeze dry meals I recently bought.

Below is a copy of the invoice.  

Almost half of these meals are new to me so I can’t vouch for them.  Alpineaire in particular has come up with several new offerings.

In the stock item column, AA is Alpineaire; BP is Backpacker’s Pantry:  MH is Mountain House.

Being able to buy all three brands from LDP Camping was convenient.  The food arrived via UPS four working days after I placed the order.

Shadows in addition to being the title of an excellent novel are what I saw on our bedroom wall the other afternoon.  

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