Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Hilton Head Island: provisioned; an octopus in the living room

I biked passage clothes to GANNET this morning, then biked from GANNET to Publix where I bought the last of the passage provisions, biked them back to the little boat, unloaded, and returned to the condo to watch the Champions League match between two of the best sides in the world, Bayern Munich and Paris St. Germain.  

Today was another lovely, perfect day.  73ºF/23ºC—and I am possibly the only old American who wishes we would just give it up and go metric and centigrade—sunny, breezy.  This has been our weather for weeks.  The two rainy days Steve Earley waited here the exception.  Unfortunately it comes to an end tomorrow.  From Thursday on there is likely rain at least part of every day and Saturday there is no wind.  While forecasts change, at the moment Sunday is the earliest I expect to get away, though I might leave the dock Saturday and anchor in Port Royal Sound and sail off the anchor Sunday.  This has the advantage of not having to stow the Torqeedo underway and of breaking the link to the land.

I will go down to GANNET tomorrow and fill the water jerry cans and configure the interior into passage mode.  I may sleep on board on one of the pipe berths.

All this assumes that when I go to the clinic Thursday they remove the I think 28 stitches in my leg.  I am not going to consider what happens if they don’t; but if I am much delayed the sail around Bermuda will have to be postponed.  We have sold the Evanston condo and I want to return to Illinois to help Carol relocate.  I really would like to go to sea, but all the provisions will last.

I thank Ron for informing me of a PBS Nature episode:  Octopus:  Making Contact about an Alaskan scientist who brought an octopus into his living room.


This predates MY TEACHER OCTOPUS by release date and what some might find surprising when viewing this first is not after seeing MY TEACHER.  I prefer MY TEACHER OCTOPUS, both in admiration for Craig Foster and in wanting creatures, including me, to be free rather than confined.  I mostly succeeded.  The octopus in the living room is given a name.  Craig Foster never named the octopus with whom he had a relationship.  I like that too.  But Octopus: Making Contact is entertaining and instructive and very worthwhile.

If you belong to PBS you may be able to view it for free.  I bought the episode for $2.99 from iTunes.


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Anonymous said...

Webb - We now have one million and one uses for duct tape. Remove 28 stitches. Replace with waterproof duct tape and you are good to go for Bermuda. Good luck with the doctor.

Best wishes,

S/V Free Spirit
1975 Ranger 23
Los Angeles