Thursday, April 8, 2021

Hilton Head Island: on deck

Bach and the soundtrack of the movie GLADIATOR, less two tracks, ‘battle’ and ‘barbarians’, that are probably essential to the film but which I find discordant, and cabernet sauvignon were enjoyed last evening on GANNET’s deck, followed by a feast of Mountain House rice and chicken in the Great Cabin and a night sleeping on the new cushions in the v-berth.  It was very satisfying to be in that small, again organized space.

The evening after posting the previous entry, I realized that GANNET was not then seaworthy.  I had still to tie the new lee cloths in place.  So I walked to the little boat yesterday at noon and did.  This involved again moving everything stowed between the berths and under the cockpit and then slithering back there.  This is not even a crawl space.  I was successful without drawing blood.

I then applied sealant around the four lifeline stanchions, touched up the paint on the rub rails, repaired the screen for the forward hatch, moved the carbon fiber bow sprit from the cabin to the foredeck, and inventoried what food is on board.

I slept with the hatches open, screens in place.  A slight pleasant breeze blew through.  Less pleasant was looking up through the forward hatch and seeing the upper deck of the ferry boat looming.

I woke about six and walked back to the condo at first light.

I have written that you don’t really know a boat until you live on board.  It was good to be on GANNET again, get some work done and have time to sit and look about and be certain everything is in place and functional.  

I think GANNET now is ready to go to sea.  All she needs is more provisioning and for her crew to heal.

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