Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hilton Head Island: berthed

 My leg sufficiently healed, though still stitched, I biked down to GANNET this morning and installed the new pipe berths.  This requires considerable contortions in awkward positions in cramped spaces.  I know that.  GANNET is worth it, and after almost four hours, one burned finger, blood drawn twice after bumping my head on the underside of the cockpit and once by scraping my arm, for the first time in months the Great Cabin has berths. That is very satisfying.  I will go down tomorrow morning, carrying some of the provisions I have bought and inventory what is already on board and enjoy the restored order.

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Anonymous said...

Webb - Gannet looks spectacular. A fully restored classic. You are a great inspiration to those of us with older boats. And especially smaller boats. I hope your leg heals quickly and you can depart for the voyage around Bermuda.

Fair winds ~~___/) ~~~~~

SV Free Spirit
1975 Ranger 23
Los Angeles