Thursday, April 29, 2021

Hilton Head Island: back

 GANNET is back in her slip and I am back in the condo.  Both of us are fine, though I wish the condo would quit bobbing and swaying.  Less you misconstrue the cause, it is only 3:00 pm and I have had nothing stronger to drink than lovely cold water.  GANNET’s motion carries onto land.

I am as tired as if I had made an ocean passage.  Landfall is landfall even if you are returning to your starting point and I had only limited sleep last night.  

As we approached the entrance to Port Royal Sound at dawn this morning I realized that at dawn two years ago this day we were approaching the entrance to San Diego Bay and the completion of GANNET’s circumnavigation.

An anonymous comment to the previous entry suggests that I turned around because a patch of fifty knot wind was ahead of us.  In fact I had already turned back out of frustration with lack of wind. The fifty knot gale caught us anyway.

I will write more tomorrow.


Jim Norman said...

I hope your voyage was long enough to allow you to enter the monastery for a bit.

MarkDuszyk said...

It's good to sea you back!

David said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it, and glad youre back and OK. Ive been trying to imagine what it was that caused you to turn back, and thought maybe something had broken.

David Hughes said...

I had those exact worries. Glad all is well.

Ernie Loriemr said...

That was my anonymous comment. As it happens I was flying directly over the spot where you turned around at almost that moment. 34,000 feet above you it was rough!!