Monday, August 3, 2015

Evanston: lightning; chug; a new page

        While listening to music last evening after Carol had gone to bed, I turned off the lights in the living room and watched lightning flickering to the northwest.  Today I learned that a tornado may have touched down there.
        I took pictures with my iPhone and another camera, but they both failed to capture the feeling of the moment.  We are miracles of evolution.  Even my failed vision is better than a camera.
        We had our own brief blast of serious weather when in mid-afternoon a small cell developed, turned a sunny sky into night, and struck with a blast of rain, near hurricane force winds, and golf ball size hail that beat against our glass doors so hard that we were concerned they might break.
        The hail did shred several of our screens.


        I present the link to a WIRED article, “Quick.  Chug your liquor before it goes weird.” as a public service to those of you who occasionally enjoy a sip of spirits as do I.


        Instead of continuing to update the ‘wit and wisdom’ journal entry, I have given the subject its own page.  After all there is so much.
        If you go there you will find several new additions.  
        If you don’t, your life will be impoverished.
        I thank Guy for bringing the excerpt from STORM PASSAGE that begins “I believe in greatness” to my attention.
        He also suggested from STORM PASSAGE:  for a hot shower and an uninterrupted night’s sleep, I would gladly mortgage my somewhat tarnished soul.  The Devil never seems to be around when you really need him.
        Perhaps a universal sailor’s lament.
         I’m still considering whether to include it.