Sunday, August 9, 2015

Evanston: 70; how stupid

        I said that the next post would be about ‘persevere’, but it won’t.  Maybe tomorrow.

        A woman friend of Carol’s had her 70th birthday party today, women only, attended by thirty.  I could not remember my 70th and so returned to the journal where I found:

        I had owned GANNET then for six months.
        The almost closed left eye was recovering from retinal detachment surgery, but not yet blind.  The green band on my wrist was a medical warning of an introduced nitrogen bubble in the eye.
        The crystal glass with a measure of Laphroaig was again at hand an hour ago.


        I do not often check reviews of my books.  I don’t recall the last time I did.  Months ago.  Maybe a year.  But for whatever reason I went to Amazon this evening and found the first four ‘most helpful’ reviews of STORM PASSAGE unchanged from my last visit.  They are headed:

        “How stupid.”

        “O.K. for a daily log…but not an interesting read.”

        “I really wanted to like this one.”

        “Bad decisions.”

         Surprisingly a few people still buy the book.