Monday, September 5, 2022

Hilton Head Island: Labor Day Evening


I do not much care for holidays or vacations.  I have never needed a vacation from my life, and of holidays, Labor Day is among the most irrelevant to me who has not held a ‘real’ job since 1974.

I am sitting by the bedroom window, sipping Plymouth gin and listening to Yo-Yo Ma play music by Ennio Marricone.  

The image above was taken a few minutes ago.  Nothing unusual. The norm here is beauty.  The light has changed since then as it always does.  I like the changing light on sky and water.

Carol and I walked down to GANNET yesterday.  We found her much as I left her.  I sponged two cups of water from the bilge and removed the Evo battery from the stern to take back up to the condo to charge.  I also found that one of the new fenders had cracked.  Odd for it is held away from the dock.  An off brand that I bought through Amazon.  I should have known better.  And in fact I do.

Still far too hot inside GANNET to try to replace the track for the port pipe berth.

Today we went for a bike ride, which included one alligator sighting.  He was swimming at the surface of a pond beside the bike path not interested in us.  I googled and find that alligators have been around for about 65 million years.  Home Sapiens about 200,000.  The gator was right to ignore a newcomer on a bicycle.

The owner’s manual for the Evo says that the battery will discharge to 70% when stored.  This differs from the Torqueedo battery which held at 100% for months when left unattended.  I could have tried to charge it from the ship’s batteries, but did not want to find that had failed, as it has in the past, when I wanted to run the engine.  I do have two new ship’s battery chargers for the Evo and will test them one night when I sleep on board.

Here in the condo the battery light showing full charge came on after a few hours.

The Torqeedo and the Evo differ in that on the Torqeedo the shaft and the tiller arm connect to the battery, so that you can read out the battery charge by simply connecting the tiller arm to the battery.  On the Evo the battery and the tiller arm connect through the shaft so you can only read out the battery charge by completely assembling the engine.

As I have been writing this is what has happened outside my bedroom window.



Ken said...

Just for the fun of it, I'm going to predict that you will charge the batteries while sleeping on board sometime around the 2nd of October. I'm not terribly familiar with the climate in Hilton Head, but based on where I lived in NC I'm guessing that this will be the date that is not just tolerable, but attractive for the over-night.
I look forward to seeing how far off my guess was.

Ken in Perth

ZMK said...

Meanwhile, down here in NZ we are waiting for the warmer drier weather with eagerness. One of the wettest, windiest most miserable winters I can remember in one of Webb's favourite places in the World.

Flick said...

Re: Fenders -- Taylor Made will replace certain models free of charge (not even shipping) if they fail at any time.

I had an old fender crack and lose air, so I bought a new one like it. Noticing the guarantee on its tag, I called Taylor Made. They had me email a few pics, then promptly shipped a brand new replacement. (And the broken fender had come with my 40-year-old boat -- I hadn't even purchased it.) Amazing warranty service!

Webb said...

I knew I should buy Taylor fenders which I have had before. I don’t know why I didn’t. I rectified my error by taking four new Taylor fenders to GANNET yesterday.