Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lake Forest: competitive ecosystem; quote; hiding in plain sight

In case you missed a comment on the previous post for which I thank the sender who called it a competitive ecosystem, I include the link to a remarkable video which does not inspire me to swim in Skull Creek.

Mark in Australia wrote that he came across a quote attributed to me which he likes.  I do not recall when I wrote that—I have now written well over a million words and I can’t remember them all—but I certainly agree with it and gladly take credit.  I will even include it on the Lines page of the main site.

The fallacy lies in expecting anything at sea to be as it ‘should be’.

                                                    —Webb Chiles

Carol and I celebrated out 28th wedding anniversary a few days ago.  We were married in Key West two months after we met.  And people doubted it would last.  There is always satisfaction in confounding doubters.  I can now pass as a normal stable member of society, hiding in plain site.

No one takes me for what I am.  Whatever that might be.

I am usually thought to be a retired professional, a lawyer or an academic.  Sometimes retired military.  That I assume is because of my command presence, which is odd for I have never commanded anyone but myself.

No one takes me for a solo sailor, but as I realized a long time ago when you actually are something, you don’t have to look like what people expect.

L’Chaim.  (Though it is only 12:30 and I have not had a drink.)

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