Wednesday, November 20, 2019

San Diego: panic in the streets; zinc

Another redundant sign of the Apocalypse:  it is raining in San Diego.  

Here along the coast we have only had .25”, but some inland areas have seen 2” and there are kinds of warnings.  Flash flood warnings.  Even in the mountains a winter storm warning.

Last evening the talking heads on the local news were in a frenzy, warning privileged drivers who are not used to driving on wet roads that they can be slick and interviewing unprepared fools who were lining auto supply stores buying new windshield wipers.  I have seen less hysteria before blizzards and hurricanes.  I really like San Diego but many who live here don’t have a clue.

It is cool and dank in The Great Cabin, but not wet.  No leaks so far around the forward hatch.

My virus is getting better.  Or rather I am.  The virus from its perspective is probably getting worse.  Good.

James advised me of a cold remedy, Zicam, which he has found decreases cold symptoms.  It’s basic ingredient is zinc.  I ordered a bottle from Amazon on Monday with next day delivery and began taking the pills just before noon yesterday.  The directions are to take one every two or three hours, but not more than seven in twenty-four hours.  Since starting I have much improved.  This is not a controlled experiment, so the virus might just have mostly run its despicable course and I might be feeling better anyway, but I am going to continue to take Zicam as is suggested until all symptoms are gone. I don’t remember when I last had a cold.  As noted you people are a menace.  If you get to me again, I will definitely give Zicam a try.

I fly back to real winter tomorrow.  Even more than usual I am looking forward to that.  Life on GANNET when one is ill is hard.  Maybe life on GANNET is always hard, but I don’t usually notice.