Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Evanston: from others

I am not doing or thinking anything interesting, so permit me to share from friends who are.

The above photo was taken this dawn by Roger as he sipped his morning coffee on TRAVELER anchored behind Fenwick Island fifty miles from his home in Bluffton, SC, near Hilton Head, on the last day of his successful summer cruise from there north to New England and back with a changing crew including his wife, Laurie.

As do many of you Roger possesses skills I do not and beautifully built the roughly 40’ TRAVELER catamaran himself, including making his own carbon fiber mast, which is almost unheard of.

As I write Roger is underway.  He will tie up to his home dock later today with well earned satisfaction and perhaps slight regret that the cruise is over, any such regret tempered by the knowledge that the ocean is still there waiting for sailors to push away from the dock again.

From Michael comes:

Twenty and thirty knot wind is howling around our building.  Carol has already bought the making of our Thanksgiving dinner which she cooks magnificently.  We will spend a quiet day at home.  I will watch some football.  Accompanying the traditional feast will be a bottle of champagne.

I wish my fellow Americans a happy holiday.  I wish all of you a fine day wherever you are in the world.