Friday, November 22, 2019

Evanston: return to winter

The flight from San Diego was uneventful and arrived twenty minutes early.  My virus behaved itself and remained quiescent.  After arriving at our condo at 7:00 PM I showered and made a martini, which I drank while nibbling cheese and crackers and watching Thursday Night Football. 

When I woke this morning a few minutes before Carol’s alarm was due to go off at 5:10, I found the temperature outside to be 35º.  Although we have other heating, I light the gas fireplace when the temperature drops below 40º.  So I did.  Chicago has already been considerably colder than this and Carol has used the fireplace.  I checked and the flue was open.

The temperature dropped for the next couple of hours until it reached 32ºF/0C

I have resumed wearing socks and when I walked to the bank a couple of blocks away I wore a leather jacket and gloves.

The trees are bare.