Sunday, October 13, 2019

San Diego: passage mode

GANNET is in passage mode, though I am not going on a passage.  Quite probably I am going to go out and drift around under a full moon.  The above photo was taken from the companionway last evening.  San Diego has many fine qualities, but it lacks wind.

The transformation took less time than usual, in part because I filled only two jerry cans with water, in part because I removed a lot of stuff from the boat when I was last here.

I seldom check the weather in San Diego, but did download a GRIB with the LuckGrib app, which as I think I have said before is even better on the iPad than my MacBook.  I am glad I did because just outside the Channel Islands later in the week atypical wind of 30+ knots is forecast.  I don’t want 30 knots.  I don’t want an ordeal.  I don’t even want to get wet.  Inside the Channel Islands the wind will be light and fluky as usual.  I may get bored quickly.

I will turn the Yellowbrick on tomorrow morning, but I plan to sail from the dock and so won’t leave until the wind comes up which may be noon or later or never.  It is likely that with no destination that I will heave to at night to sleep, so if you find us more or less stationary remain calm.

I did dig out the Torqeedo to determine if it would start.  It did.  In fact the new Torqeedo has always started as it should, with the single exception of when I inadvertently fit the old tiller arm to it.

Yesterday I walked to the Ralph’s supermarket in Pacific Beach,  It is 3.5 miles, a mile farther than the one near the Sports Arena I usually go to, but a nicer walk, much of it on the Mission Beach boardwalk.  

Although it is mid-October and the ocean is cool, a lot of people were on the beach.
The ones in the foreground are taking surfing lessons.

Marina Village which occupies the east half of Quivira Basin is also a conference center and site of outdoor weddings almost every Saturday.

A nice place to be married.  But I’ve done that.