Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Evanston: incredible and absurd

One of the best things that can be said about me is that with no musical ability I really like Bach.  I can’t read music.  I can’t play a musical instrument.  Yet somehow Bach speaks to me as no other, really in any field.  I have been enjoying watching and listening to videos from the All of Bach project every day and have come across more of his music with which I was not familiar, including the organ sonatas.  In the performance of the second, the coordination of hands and feet is to me incredible.  Hands on two keyboards and feet simultaneously performing an intricate and precise dance across pedals.  Such skill does not seem humanly possible.  But obviously for a few it is.

Contrary to my desire to simplify GANNET, I have bought her a television set. 

That is it above.  Made by Tyler, a company I had never heard of and bought through Amazon, of course.  The screen is 7”.  The price $69.  It comes with three antennas, AC and DC power cords, a stand, and even a remote, though why you would need a remote for something you can’t see from more than an arm’s length away I do not understand.

Carol and I get TV streaming via YouTubeTV, which is excellent and available on all our devices.  However it requires a wi-fi connection which the marina in San Diego does not have.  There my Internet access is via my cell phone data plan and watching television or videos would quickly exhaust it.

The TV came late yesterday.  I went through the setup and let it autoscan.  To my surprise it came up with more than thirty over the air channels, most of which I have no interest in, but which include all four major networks and PBS.  

The purpose of this is obviously to watch some sports and 60 Minutes while GANNET is tied to the dock.  This is absurd, but none of us is perfect or perfectly consistent.