Sunday, October 20, 2019

San Diego: neighbor; photos; 70

The above was taken a few minutes ago.  I’ve had to chase him off the dock twice today.  He now goes without complaint whenever I step on deck.  If I remain standing in the companionway, he stays put

I walked to the entrance channel yesterday and through the boat yard.

The ocean is to the left.  Quivira Basin to the right.  Mission Bay ahead.

There are some expensive high tech boats in the yard.  This is looking up at the bow which overhangs the fence and juts above the sidewalk of the boat on the left.  I am not a good judge of the length of boats this big, but it is at least 80’.

This has been in the far corner of the yard for a long time.  I don’t know its story.

This passes for wit.

Yesterday I did 70 push-ups and 80 crunches.  7 more push-ups to go.