Tuesday, October 22, 2019

San Diego: I’m back, baby

After almost seven weeks on the injured reserve list following a sneak attack by a rogue coffee table, I began to ease back into my workouts.  First 40 push-ups with only slight twinges.  Then 50. 60.  70. And yesterday 78 push-ups and crunches and 150 knee bends on the foredeck.  78 in preparation for my reaching that august age in a few weeks.  I am still only doing the first series of my work-out, not all three series, but I’m back, baby.  I’m back.

I rewarded myself by walking around to the Royal Rooster at Seaforth Sportfishing on the other side of Quivira Basin and partaking of what may be the world’s best tacos.

October is often a warm month on the California coast with pressure inland causing Santa Ana winds to blow from the desert to the ocean.  Last evening saw 80ºF/26.6C at sunset, making it pleasantly warm on deck.  No sea lions tried to sleep on the dock beside GANNET, but they were unusually noisy out on the bait barge. 

As I sat sipping box wine and listening to the soundtrack from MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA I observed a lot of squabbling and aggression out there.  Sea lions blocking others from jumping from the water to the barge.  Egrets chasing other egrets until they took flight.  And a cloud of at least thirty pelicans gliding from behind me, circling and landing on the now crowded barge.  Everyone quieted down after dark.

The one negative of the evening was that with the wind blowing more from the north than usual, GANNET and I were downwind of the odiferous  barge.