Sunday, October 6, 2019

Evanston: wrist navigation; triumph; bad idea; the meaning of Ithacas

I have replaced my Series 3 Apple Watch with a just released Series 5.  I sold the old one to Klyman who paid me $100.  Apple had offered $70.

The Series 5 has several features the Series 3 did not, of which the most significant is an always on display.  The 5 can also take ECG’s, which I have found don’t work at a pulse rate of less than 50 as mine usually is at rest, and has a compass, which you can see above.  Ever since the Series 3 Apple Watches have had built in GPS chips.  Now, I who navigated my first two circumnavigations using a sextant, can read out far more precisely my position simply by glancing at my wrist.  I suppose the young take this for granted.  To me it is amazing.

I have just come back from the living room where I went to stand and make ‘victory’ signs with both hands in front of Carol.  A few moments earlier I did ten push-ups and ten crunches.  It will take a while to build back up to doing my age.  I am going to go gradually.  But my rib is healed.

Along with jet skis, this is certainly among the worst ideas our strange species has ever had.

No sipping.  No enjoying the aroma.  No pleasure of feeling a smooth crystal glass in hand.  No holding it up to the light and viewing the amber liquid.  Just an explosion.  

Which may be appropriate for our times.

My friend Michael has written about his intended retirement home and the open ended land voyage he and Layne, his wife, are planning.  

He quotes ‘The Golden Road to Samarkand’ which caused me to remember the excellent advice for all those who make long journeys on land or sea given by the modern Greek poet, C.P. Cavafy in his ‘Ithaca’.