Sunday, September 22, 2019

Evanston: Voyage 6; rugby; booked

        As some of you may recall last month on our 25th wedding anniversary, Carol and chanced upon and drank a fine bottle of wine called Voyage 7.

       Last week we thought we had found the same wine, only to discover this is Voyage 6, not 7.  Equally good.  The explanation is found on the label as well as the complicated way the wine is produced.

        We look forward to future voyages.

        Although this journal is read by a few in all the major rugby nations, in which somehow Wales and Scotland are again independent rugby countries, most readers are Americans and therefore unaware that the Rugby World Cup has begun in Japan and that by luck of the draw two of the greatest rugby powers, New Zealand and South Africa, met yesterday in the first round of the group stage.  New Zealand won 23-13.  My congratulations to my Kiwi friends, my condolences to South Africans.  Both sides are expected to survive the group stage.
        The NY TIMES did run an article about the match, but made no mention of it or the Rugby World Cup beforehand.   ON ESPN’s US site, rugby is listed 37 under ‘more sports’ right below cricket and far below esports and  the Xgames.

        I made my reservations to fly to San Diego on October 8, returning to Chicago on November 21 and am starting to get exciting about going sailing for a few days or weeks around and maybe to some of the Channel Islands.  I have not been to Catalina for more than forty years and I’ve never taken a boat into Avalon.  I may not this time either.  The point is to sail, not places.  I might even check out the wave break on the Cortez Bank.  At a respectful distance.