Friday, September 6, 2019

Evanston: a tour of the TERROR; a Cal 20 for Cape Horn; a classic case

        The NY TIMES ran a link to a Parks Canada tour of the sunk HMS TERROR, one of the two ships of the doomed Franklin Expedition.  The TERROR was located in 2016 and is in remarkably good condition.  HMS EREBUS had been found two years earlier.

        Sailing Anarchy carries an item of a man who intends to sail from Hawaii for Cape Horn in a modified Cal 20.  He has a beard and looks like the old man of the sea.  I do not have a beard and look like a retired academic.  I do not usually comment on voyages before they are made, but this might be interesting.  There is no reason why a well sailed modified Cal 20 cannot round the Horn. 
        Scroll down to ‘microdosing’.

        In our Evanston condo when not sleeping I am usually in one of two locations:  at the right hand end of the L shaped sofa in the living room or on the sofa in the second bedroom.
       I fell tripping over the power cord for my MacBook and iPad which ran out from under the sofa near my feet to either the MacBook or iPad on the coffee table in front of me.  I have tripped on it before, but not fallen.
        Two a days ago I finally gave this some thought and in two minutes rerouted the cord to the side of the sofa and between the arm rest and an end table where it can charge either device while I am using it or while it is sitting on the end table.
        A classic case of locking the barn after the horse has bolted.  Or in this case the rib has cracked.
        Of the rib, I am good during the day, but still have some trouble sleeping.