Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Evanston: a plan; seven storms; foremost expert; tourist

        Although it is not 100%, my cracked rib continues to improve and I am making plans to return to GANNET, probably on October 9, and staying on her for six or seven weeks, during which I hope actually to sail.  Knowing that I am unlikely to go daysailing, the plan is to put GANNET’s interior into passage mode and go out and sail around some of the Channel Islands for several days and maybe even stop at some.  That depends on my mood and the weather.  
        During those long ago years when I had what is erroneously called ‘a real job’, which was in no way as real as sailing an ocean, I generally took what is called my ‘vacation’ to go sailing in October.  Southern California’s weather is good year round, but most people there stop using their boats after Labor Day just as they do in other parts of the country.  I suppose it has something to do with children in school or wanting to watch football on television.  For whatever reason, such harbors and anchorages as exist are less crowded in October, and there are sometimes Santa Ana winds blowing hard from the land that provide fine sailing in smooth water near the coast.
        At the moment my rib would not be happy being jolted around by GANNET underway, much less being knocked against one of the little boat’s numerous sharp edges.  I still can’t sleep on my left side.  Time is a healer.  Or so the song says.

        Of time, it is that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.  My Living Earth app shows seven active storms.  Humberto, Ten, Mario, Jerry, Kiki, Lorena, Imelda.
        Steve Earley is preparing for his annual fall cruise which is always subject to the chance of hurricanes.  By the time the season is over, conditions are too cold.  He tells me that his fall cruise has been interrupted by storms only twice over the years.  That gave me pause.  I don’t know why it should have.  Thirty spring and fall cruises certainly make Steve one of the most experienced small boat cruisers on waters from the Chesapeake to the Carolinas.  But I already knew that.  
        Steve was on the Outer Banks covering Dorian as a news photographer and for the first time experienced the eye of a hurricane.
        He recently posted a short video taken during the storm.

        I hope the storms stay away from him and SPARTINA for another year and they have a fine sail.

        My friend, Michael, flew up from the Florida Keys for the weekend, and Carol and I enjoyed doing some of the Chicago tourist things with him.
        Michael has written about the weekend and posted photos.  He is a talented writer and street photographer.  I am impressed by his eye for people and moments.