Monday, September 9, 2019

Evanston: oldest

        Suddenly there is a plethora, indeed a plague of 77 year old circumnavigators.
        I thank David for a link to an article about Minoru Saito

        And I thank Stephen for an article about Jeanne Socrates.

        I know of both of them.  I do no know or care which of us is oldest by whatever number of days. This is nothing I ever even thought about; and I think I read some time ago of someone who completed a circumnavigation in his 80s, though I am not certain.
        In the body of the article about Jeanne Socrates, it does add to oldest ‘non-stop’ and as far as I know she is the oldest to make a non-stop circumnavigation.
        Both voyages are praiseworthy.
        I sent notification when I completed the GANNET circumnavigation only to CRUISING WORLD, LATITUDE 38, and Sailing Anarchy, all of which had shown interest in the voyage and asked me to.
        I do not seek or need validation from others.
        GANNET and I were meet by a crowd of three, which was three more than I expected.
        Long ago I was in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for my first circumnavigation.  I did not contact them.  They somehow heard of the voyage and contacted me.


        Not long after I posted this, John emailed that the story about Minoru Saito dates from 2011.  I had looked only at the date at the top of the link.  I thank him.  So Saito was 77 then, not now.  I am not going to check who was older at voyage’s end.