Thursday, September 26, 2019

Evanston: a change; a fugue; a poem

I have changed the photo on the home page of my main site.  If you haven’t been there for a while, the old image is above.  It has been on the home page ever since I first created the site thirteen years ago.

The photo was taken from THE HAWKE OF TUONELA anchored off a motu just inside the pass at Bora-Bora.  We were in about 18’ of warm water as clear as air.  Carol had flown out to join me in the Society Islands, to which I had sailed from New Zealand.  The island in the distance is Maupiti which I have never visited.  The sailboat is outside the reef, heading for the pass which is just beyond the right side of the photo.  I don’t recall the year.

To see the new home page;

I listen to some Bach and I read some poetry every day.

I have more than thirty albums of Bach’s music, but often when I have a good Internet connection I go to All of Bach, the exemplary project by the Netherlands Bach Society to make video recordings of all of Bach’s work.  

I went there last evening and chanced upon his Little Fugue in G Minor.  Once this was one of my favorites.  I have listened to it twice off Cape Horn.  Now I still like it, but I like all of Bach.

Also Iast evening I came across ‘Mag’, a poem by Carl Sandburg.  Not my story.  I do not know if it was his.