Sunday, January 11, 2015

Evanston: Plan C; still true; windily

        Plan C has been adopted.  I told Carol yesterday.
        I’ve begun physical therapy which thus far has been mild isometrics.  The process is interesting and foreign to me.  I’m not used to working with others or the environment.  It is sort of like being in a gym again, which I haven’t been since college.
        I also had no idea that physical therapy is such a big business.
        The surgeon’s nurse at Northwestern gave me flyers from four different firms each with dozens of offices in the Chicago area and probably hundreds around the country.
        Regardless of the outcome of the therapy, I’m flying to New Zealand on March 17 and keeping GANNET in the Bay of Islands until next year.  
        I’m seventy-three and acting as though I have all the time in the world.  That’s exactly what I do have, what we all have:  all the time in the world.  


        Yesterday morning I looked at the display showing the temperature on our balcony and saw 17°.  Then I looked closer and saw 1.7°.  The wind has been blowing hard and the wind chill decidedly lower.
        In case you’ve forgotten two years ago this month I wrote:

                The wind is whistling around our building
                The whales are migrating off San Diego.
                The ocean waits.
                Patient has two meanings. 
                Neither comes naturally to me.

        It’s all still true.


        From Suzanne (not my ex-wife) comes a different and useful world wind map.  I thank her for the link.  
        I now view it and the Earth wind map each morning as well as the Windfinder Pro app on my iPad mini.
        Wind is 23 knots from the west off Cape Horn right now and the air temperature 44°F/6.6°C.  
        Balmy compared to Evanston where Lake Michigan is frozen out as far as I can see.