Thursday, September 15, 2016

Durban: found; framed; hatched

        Those of you who have read the Darwin to Durban passage log know that when the Great Cabin turned into the Great Dismal Swamp, I tried unsuccessfully to find the bivy I bought following Steve Earley’s lead.
        Yesterday I needed to change to a new gas canister for the JetBoil and there in the waterproof bag in which I stow the canisters was the bivy.  I don’t remember putting it there, but certainly no one else did.  Not a bad place for it.  At least next time I’ll know where to look.
        I also counted the canisters.  I left San Diego with a case of 24 and 2 or 3 extras.  I have 14 left.


        In an effort, or at least a gesture, that there won’t be a next time, I am having a spray hood made.  The frame is in place and measurements for the hood will be taken next week.
        Almost everything on a boat is a compromise, but GANNET was so wet on the last passage that I decided to try to accept those that come with a spray hood.   It needs to be low because GANNET’s boom is low when sheeted in close-hauled.  I didn’t want to have to relocate a lot of deck hardware.  The hood I am having made will require moving only two cam cleats.  And a hood will have to be quickly and easily folded forward, probably every time I move from cabin to deck and vice versa, and because I like to stand in the companionway.  If it meets all these requirements and also keeps some water out, I’ll be satisfied.


        I removed—tedious—and rebedded—easy—the forward hatch today.
        To rebed I used butyl tape.  If this works it will be wonderful because the tape is a pleasure to work with.  No mess.  No cleanup.
        I am not recommending this.  It has yet to be tested by rain, which is due this weekend, and an ocean passage, which won’t happen until next year. 
        If you are curious and want more information I bought mine here.