Sunday, September 11, 2016

Durban: beautiful; a dodger?; those push-ups; headless

        Zane, a New Zealand friend, sent me links to some of the most beautiful photos of Opua and the Bay of Islands I have seen.  I thank him for the links.
        I’ve wandered around the site.  Julie is a talented photographer.  She even has some fine images of gannets.


        Joost from the Netherlands, who sails a 22’ light weight Danish built Marsvin in the North Sea, sent me a link to an easily lowered spray hood he made for his companionway.  I have been thinking of something similar.  The amount of water coming into GANNET on the recent passage was intolerable and endured only because I had no choice.  Joost has given me the nudge I need, and I will make some calls tomorrow to see if I can get something similar made here.  Thanks, Joost.


        I received several emails about the 76 push-ups.
        Not having done any for so long, I did not expect to do that many.  I would have been satisfied with 50 and build up from there.  I was surprised to find how easy they were.  Not even any soreness the next day.
        Sailing GANNET does not often take great strength.  I usually don’t even use the winch handles, except for the last few feet to get tension on the luff while raising the mainsail or while reefing.
       Upon reflection I think the push-ups were easy because of the residual effect of the long rows in Darwin two months earlier, combined with the constant, day and night, isometrics while crossing oceans on GANNET.


        I also heard from Doug who transited the Panama Canal a few years ago on a Francis 26 without a head and feeding his line handlers with a bucket of KFC, and from Mark, who provided a link to the renewed Panama Canal Railway.  GANNET on a train?  
        Next year may tell.
        I thank them both.