Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Evanston: gloom; albatross surveillance; beer virus

Today is the seventh consecutive day in which Chicago has had no clear sunlight.  The record is nine.  The sky is low solid gray.  The temperature is not cold by Chicago winter standards, hovering around freezing, but the place is dismal.  I walked down to the lake yesterday, hoping I might find something pretty or interesting to photograph.  I did not.  So I am running the old photo above with the caption, “I like boats, but I’m afraid of the water.”

A day or two ago the NY TIMES ran an article about albatross being fitting with radar detectors that are finding ships at sea that have turned off their AIS transponders presumably while fishing illegally.  I was surprised to learn how many vessels do this and by another affirmation that we are being watched all the time everywhere.  Even when we think we are alone in the monastery of the sea, there is a CCTV in the ceiling of our cell.

I had already seen the article, but I thank Lee who emailed me about it.  He was right to think I would be interested.

In a recent exchange of emails Guy mentioned that he will be 50 next year which caused me to remember my 50th birthday and consider where I have been on other ten year birthdays, but before that let me remind you that I have written here before about Guy, who is an architect, photographer/artist, and serious walker.  Guy walks off for days, even on occasion I think weeks, alone through isolated landscapes in the UK and at least once Iceland, taking photographs which he later turns into rare images which he publishes on his site, Tracing Silence, enhanced by quotes with which I am seldom familiar.  I do not claim to understand what he is doing, but I am certain he is an original.  If you have been here a while you know I have no greater praise.  I wrote to him that I don’t believe he is seeking to create beauty, but some of his images are beautiful.  I particularly like ‘exposure/one day, one night/east sussex’

To see for yourself:

On my 50th birthday in November 1991 I was in Auckland, New Zealand, with Jill preparing RESURGAM for a 6,000 mile passage around Cape Horn to Uruguay.

On my 60th I was with Carol on THE HAWKE OF TUONELA running before a gale near the Canary Islands on a passage from Gibraltar to Dakar, Senegal.

On my 70th I was here in this condo with a patch over my soon to be blind right eye following retinal repair surgery.

i remember those clearly.  I don’t have specific memory of earlier ten year birthdays, but can deduce that on my 40th I was with Suzanne and my grandmother in Mission Beach, having flown back for the holidays from CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE in Singapore.

On my 30th I would have been living on the first EGREGIOUS, the Ericson 35, at Harbor Island Marina in San Diego, still longing.

On my 20th I would have been a junior in college in Dubuque, Iowa.

On my 10th in grade school in Kirkwood, Missouri.

On my 80th, next year if I last that long, maybe Hilton Head.