Wednesday, July 24, 2019

San Diego: almost finished

        I finished installing the last two replacement Blue Performance bags I use for stowage in the Great Cabin.  Naturally they were the most difficult, being placed between the main and partial bulkhead and awkward to reach, and today was sweat inducing.  The outside temperature was only 76º, but inside GANNET it was 89º.
        I used Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive to glue strips of wood to the hull and then screwed the supplied hooks into the wood.  Many of you know far more than I about boat construction and may be aware of better products, but I have found Gorilla Super Glue, duct tape, and now Construction Adhesive very useful.
        Tomorrow I will apply another coat of oil to the wood and paint the black rails that attach the pipe berths to the hull and then I really will be finished.

        I thank my neighbor, Carlos, for the arbove photo which he took last night looking down from the deck of ODYSSEUS.
        I will be in the same pose in about five minutes.