Thursday, May 2, 2019

San Diego: settled

        After atypical clouds and rain on my arrival, San Diego has returned to perfect weather.  I do like it here.
        Early this morning Lee, who arranged for me to be a guest at Silver Gate Yacht Club, and I powered GANNET from the club to the dock at Driscoll’s.  Now that she is settled, I will soon be flying to be with Carol.
        Here at the dock I leaned over the side with a putty knife and removed a small colony of gooseneck barnacles that had attached themselves just above the waterline near the bow.  Only one was on the antifouling paint.
        People frequently comment that GANNET looks good for having sailed 5,000 miles in the past few months and 30,000 in the past five years.  There is work to be done on her, but none of it is compelling and I am not in a boat working mood. 
        Despite having slept well the past three nights, I am a little tired and creaky today.  Perhaps the passage is cumulatively catching up with me.
        I have also lost weight, down to 147 from my usual 153-4.
        I have a lot of videos to upload, but they will have to wait until I am back in Evanston.
        I viewed the one of us leaving Hilton Head back on January 25.  It seems a lifetime ago.