Monday, September 1, 2014

Neiafu: daysailed 1

        I was going to sail to some other anchorages, perhaps back to the mooring off Lape, but then realized that I am quite happy here, so didn’t.
        However, I wanted to get some photos of me sailing GANNET and test the GoPro, so yesterday afternoon I did what I seldom do and went for a daysail up and down the harbor.  Twice.
        I sailed off and on the mooring under mainsail alone.  GANNET is so light, she carries little way and quickly stops when turned into the wind, so on my return I approached the mooring faster than I like, rounded up and easily caught the painter with which I had tied the Avon to the mooring.  
        The GoPro worked perfectly.  Obviously when it didn’t on the sail back from Lape, I had misread the menu.
        Because the Internet here is so slow, I’m dividing the photos into two entries and try to upload them separately.  Except for the lead photo on each page, they are in chronological order from before I left the mooring to after I returned.  In one you can see the Avon on the mooring I have just dropped.  Once clear of nearby boats, I unfurled the jib.
        You may notice that the red flotation cushion present in early photos is not in later ones.  It disappeared unnoticed when I tacked at the south end of the harbor.  I looked for it on my next run to no avail.
        Another beautiful day in Neiafu.